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About us

Our passion is revolutionizing the built environment. Clockworks Analytics was founded in 2008 within MIT’s Building Science Department. Since its founding, our team has been focused on equipping clients with cutting-edge technology to significantly enhance their operations and improve their buildings’ performance. This means breaking the existing cycle of reactive operations and maintenance in the building industry. We provide software and intelligent analytics that empowers our clients to drive proactive and strategic operations—ushering in the next generation of smarter facilities management.

The Clockworks Analytics team continues to grow rapidly in order to support our global clients. Our team members are driven, intellectually curious and resourceful; all of whom are singularly focused on our clients’ success. Our team’s experience includes building systems engineering, fault detection and diagnostics, cloud technologies, and software development. This powerful mix allows us to deliver exceptional service and make a significant impact across the world.

Our APIs

To expand access to the product infrastructure and data, Clockworks Analytics has implemented a library of Representational State Transfer (REST) web services. The Application Programming Interface (API) to these web services implements Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) GET and POST requests to retrieve information from the database. The responses to those requests are returned as a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) string. Data is presented as Uniform Resource Identifiers, commonly known as Resources, representing a logical object with a type, associated data and properties, and can present relationships to other resources through Uniform Resource Locators (URLs).

To access the API, the following pieces of information are required:

  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL) endpoint; and,

  • Unique Subscription Key.

The URL and Subscription Key will be provided by Clockworks Analytics once the API subscriber is registered, and need to be included as part of the HTTP header.

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